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Since 1984 Olde Philly Towne

The Philadelphia Style Cheesesteak has been a constant food staple in the Philadelphia area for decades.

Just a few years ago, people in Colorado weren’t even sure what a true Cheesesteak was.

Sure, many chain restaurants tried to franchise a not-so-close imitation, but to most east coasters it just didn’t compare.

With the Denver area becoming a sort of melting pot from other states… Philadelphians were searching out a prime source to fulfill their homesick, cuisine desire. Olde Philly Towne became one of the few great sources for such food.

The authentic Philly Cheesesteak is made from very thinly sliced, rib-eye steak. The steak is placed on a wide, flat grill with a little oil and seasoning. Usually, the onions are grilled into the meat, as the cook shreds the meat with a pair of grill spatulas – bringing out even more of the fine steak’s flavor. After the cheese is melted onto the meat, it is scooped into a long soft roll.

The fixings of course fill a wide array of choice. Standard are the peppers (mild, hot or mixed), mushrooms, and /  or marinara sauce.

We hope that you find Olde Philly Towne as much a pleasure to patronize, as we enjoy serving our unique, quality product. Please check out the rest of the menu as well – there is something to please everyone